Wryn Shares Hope

Today I have a design that is close to my heart to share with you. It's the new Wryn Shares Hope by Tiddly Inks. Most people use this type of image to represent Cancer, but did you know that a lime green banner represents Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is a world-wide epidemic, and has no known cure. People can suffer for years (in my case, decades) before receiving an accurate diagnosis and beginning treatment. Treatment is often not covered by insurance, and can run thousands of dollars per month. It really doesn't matter if you have lots or little money, Lyme will gladly take all of it.

While Lyme is hotly debated in the media, disbelievers are turned into believers when someone in their family or they themselves come down with Lyme. It has the highest suicide rate of any chronic illness in the world.

What does Lyme feel like? It differs from person to person, and depends on the exact makeup of the bacteria you were infected with. For many, it feels like you wake up with the worst hangover ever, coupled by extreme exhaustion, mental fogginess, and inability to really function. Now, multiply that by every day of your life. Add to it mental confusion, inability to exert yourself physically, depression/anxiety, and severe body pain - all that progressively worsens over time. This is a sample of what some "Lymies" go through.

I wanted to take the opportunity today (since I NEVER write about this) to share a bit of my life, and encourage my fellow Lyme warriors to NEVER GIVE UP.

The colors I've chosen for my design are:

green - G19, 07, 14, YG05
hair - YR18, 04, E33
skin - E11, 21, 02, 01, 000, 0000, R30

Dies are by C.C. Designs and Craftin Desert Divas. Papers are by Authentique.

Thanks for popping by today!


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